Sunday, February 04, 2007


This is a 16x20" oil/linen of a winter street scene in Vancouver


  1. It really has a Vancouver winter feel to it Brian.

    I really like the cast shadows and the misty background.


  2. This is really beautiful, Brian!

    I do have some questions though. (Not about the painting, but what the painting is on).

    Why linen? Is the linen on stretcher bars? Is linen different than canvas? Do you like it better than canvas or is it just . . . different? Does using linen change the look of your paintings?

    Just curious. I've not seen linen used before.


  3. Thanks Jeffery and Amber! As far as linen goes, it is linen stretched on stretcher bars. You can buy them already to go in many sizes at OPUS. Linen has a bit more "tooth" to is than regular canvas and some painters prefer painting on linen. It's certainly more expensive. Me, well, I just thought I'd try a few because they come sized with a clear gesso but it looks like brown green linen and not white. Fun to paint on as no underpainting is required. Don't know if I'll continue with it or not. White canvas is fun too!
    Regards, Brian