Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ferry Paule 2 ( Redone)

24x30" Acrylic on gallery canvas. Redone. My wife said it would look better with blue water. She was right, so I up keyed the whole painting at the same time.Excuse the photography, uneven lighting.


  1. Hi Ralph, I liked the original a lot and the blue now is nice too but, by adding it another issue has shown up. With the blue water and light green trees, the whole canvas is divided in half at the water line. I would suggest darkening the greens some to bring their "value" a bit closer to the value of the blue and then I think the painting won't look quite so divided! Just a thought! Brian

  2. Hi Ralph,

    You've still got the great movement going with your ferry and I like that you retained the red ground showing through even after going back in.


  3. One thought I have Ralph is that because the water is quite dark now and takes up a large part of the painting, would be to put some lightening gradation (lighter as you move toward the far shore). I think it would give more depth and interest to this large area of the painting. Just my thoughts on this one.


  4. Thank you! all for the great help and feedback.