Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Crossing The Rubicon and Rubicon

I haven't painted all summer. I would like some feedback on these. perhaps a bit flat? I did them from my imagination two differant styles. I think the "river" in Crossing The Rubicon is lacking something. I would be grateful for any comments, feeling a bit rattled.


  1. Hi Julie, nice to see you back!
    "Rubicon is awesome, I love the warm/cool thing going on in your colors and the spacial feeling to it. I also love the burnt orange hits in the bottom half.
    "Crossing the Rubicon is nice too, although, your river looks more like a road to me. If it were my painting , I'd put some more cool blue lights or break up the clouds just above where the river reaches the horizon. Seems the eye follows the road or river to the horizon for no reason, but maybe a bit of excitement in the cloud right above would create more interest for the eye. Again, a great spacial feel to this one. Brian

  2. Hi Julie, I personaly like the soft
    visual feel to the paintings which then is very you. It could take some vibrancy maybe in the front to add interest in my opinion. just to add a bit of drama..welcome back!

  3. Your knocking at the door Julie Mai! No reason to feel rattled. Only the ego feels rattled,the Creative mind is always stable and constant. Ask yourself why you are painting.

  4. Thanks Brian, Asma and Ralph. I think I will leave the clouds, but I will go in one more time to add some punch in the foreground, i had done this alredy once and liked the results. As far as rattled is concerned Ralph you are absolutely right, it is only the ego, a work in progress.

  5. Wonderful palette of greys in these very soothing to look at