Sunday, October 17, 2010

Urban #4

           Acrylic 16''/14''


  1. Hi everybody, I stop painting for I don't know how long... But I continue in my head... I will come back new I hope. I need this stop to do something else and to refocus on myself. I will continue to follow you on this blog. Have a nice time to paint. Bye. Christiane.

  2. Hi Christiane, Well , I hope you will continue painting. I too, sometimes take a break, but even when we don't paint , we grow and come back with fresh eyes. I know you know this. This is a fun painting, the fellow 2nd from the right looks a bit overworked and not quite as freshly painted a the other figures, but nice job nonetheless. Brian

  3. Really interesting pastel-ly green-blue to tie this together.