Thursday, November 18, 2010

Water's Edge

20x24" Acrylic on canvas.
Photo Reference, Artist 60164
Hi Brian!
What's happening here? everyone to busy to post?


  1. Hey Ralph, how exciting to see you back here! Love the thick paint and bold colors here, lovely! Hope you have been well. I just got back from a 3 week road trip to San Diego, AZ, CA and Utah.....tons of pics to paint from now. Thanks for posting! Brian

  2. Up early to put some wood in the stove.
    Starting to get cold around here.

    That's great Brian, to make road trip like that. Makes a great change taking pictures and all.

    The paint is thick because it was painted with a painting knife. A steep learning curve and not much fun To do really. I have done some nice paintings with the knife lately which I will post them as I go along here, but no one is hammering at the door to buy them, not to mention it costs about 5 time more in paint than the brush the way I paint.

    The seven steps is the only way I really had fun painting and am going to give it a real go now and try to master it.
    I am doing a knife painting now which is a real mess so far, but I know I am going to pull it, then I am going to paint another painting the same thing with The Seven Steps and compare them to see what the difference is. No matter how well we paint the most important thing is to have fun in life.

  3. Great to see you back on the blog Ralph. Love the rich warm color here. I look forward to seeing your two comparison paintings... should be very interesting.

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome back and kind comment Elliot! Much appreciated!

  5. great color in this one ralph, love it