Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flowers In A Blue Vase

20x24" Acrylic on canvas.
Photo reference, olika

I know there is a lead out on both sides but then what the heck!

Have a really great day and happy painting everyone!


  1. A beautiful piece here Ralph, quite a change for you to be more representative! Love the bold color here, blues and yellow seem much more complimentary to me than blue/orange. Nice to see you back again. Brian

  2. Yeah, another look and I like the composition here. The two lead outs don't bother me and I think its much better than having everything within the canvas. Brian

  3. Yea I know, I am all over the place trying to find my wings.
    This one was done with the seven stepper
    and the way to paint that I enjoy the most. Going to stay with this one for awhile and see what I can do with it.