Friday, May 06, 2011

inner harbour 2

I left out the busy background of the harbour, boats and street to give more attention to the subject. It makes for a strange backdrop . . . more like a prairie lakeshore. :)



  1. Great job on the boat here Norm, I think the painting is a bit top heavy with all that red in the background. I would blue the background up slightly to make it recede and put some darker ripples or something in the water in the foregound to give a bit of weight at the bottom of the canvas...
    Other than the weight issue, great color and rendition Norm. Brian

  2. Thanks, Brian. Are you suggesting that the red be muted with light blue or do you mean lighten up the background water with a blue tinge?

  3. Normally cool colors recede and warm colors come forward in painting. If you just lightly glazed the red with a thin bluish was, it would push it back some! Just a thought. Brian