Monday, November 28, 2011

oak creek village

We rented a studio in the back of this building for most of November. The bead shop next door didn't make the cut!

30 x 40 acrylic/canvas


  1. Nice color and good rendition of the subject Norm.
    Would like to make a couple of suggestions though:
    First, those cool whites look a bit chalky and take away from those lovely colors. White, as you know, can kill a painting quickly so great care is necessary when using them. I more often than not , warm them up slightly.
    Secondly, I'd like to encourage you to move away from seeing "things". When we see "things" we paint things and we then become narrators and describers, not painters.Try to get more into the paint itself and less into things. Things should be suggested and often they look after themselves. It takes some time before we really begin to trust the paint. If you can't see it in your image when squinting, it doesn't belong in your painting.
    You have come a long way in a short period and am doing just great. These suggestions are offered to further you along in your work, not as criticisms.

  2. Thank you, Brian, for your thoughtful comments. I'm in total agreement with you. The details in this painting subtract from the overall impact . . . no question. Reflecting on this will help me re-center. Thanks, again.