Friday, March 23, 2007

base of "live oak"tree

Well, once again, I've been away from painting for awhile and I can't believe the quantity of beautiful work that has been posted in what I thought was a short time!Once again, I feel totally out of my element here but ...whatever. This is a small 8x10 acrylic I did just before leaving and didn't have time to post.


  1. Hey Paula! I'm so happy your back and you ARE in your element. I am learning sooo much myself from forums like this and even though the competition is stiff, it forces one to get some serious work done and stretch oneself to the limit.
    This is a lovely little painting and you did a great job on the values. If
    I may suggest it, it would be nice to see just one spot of blue in the foreground as the blue in the back seems a bit isolated. Dispite that, this is very nice work here. Hope you'll post more! Brian

  2. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your suggestion of adding some blue. I thought it was missing something but couldn't quite figure out what it would be.
    Thanks, also, for being so open and generous with your time and expertise. I have learned so much from this blog forum. It has been a really wonderful experience.