Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Post on the Blog

This is my first post on the blog. I did the value study for this at Brian's workshop in Boone, NC. The painting is of a back alley here in Boone. You know how I like chalky white Brian, but I think I steered clear of it here. I'm thinking of "slimming" down the tree branches a bit... not sure.


  1. Yeah Elliot, welcome aboard! I'm so happy to see you post something!
    Yes, you stayed clear of "chalk" for sure. Looks great to me without anything fixed up. Very playful and colourful work Elliot! I love it! I also love that patch of green on the road right hand site and the vehicles are awesome. This has a wonderful "feel" to it, it looks like its done with ease and playfulness. Great job Elliot. Brian

  2. Very very nice Elliot! Nice feel to this one. Love it.

  3. That's a real painting Elliot, you made something ordinary look so interesting! "Very painterly", well done! Isn't the workshop great.

  4. Hi Eliot,

    Great urban art! (I think that the trees are just right at the "weight" they are.)