Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brian, after an amazing and fun workshop, I am quite troubled by this painting. Its in the bedroom so I go to sleep looking at it and wake up looking at it.

I am pleased by the overall color palette, the values, the brushwork. The most disturbing paint is the color on the highlight areas of the truck. I was trying to repeat the sky color in the highlights on the barn, the truck and foreground.

The problem for me is having a COOL Color instead of the WARM - highlights on the truck. I am tooo reminded of a cheap, fad, solarization technique done to photograhs.

Please comment. Warm it up? Let it bother?

Thanks! Best Steven


  1. Hi Steve, thanks for sharing this issue with us. Don't know if I have any answers here but seems to me the turquoise sky color is trying to dominate the painting. I think you may have two choices here. One, let the turquoise dominate and get more of it in the trees and other areas. This way the painting will take on an overall blue/cool tint. The other choice might be to warm up and lighten those highlights on the truck. If it was my painting, I think I'd go with the first idea and include more of the blue turquoise in the painting by adding it to the trees, fence and ground. Let the turquoise dominate the color palette. I might also lighten the darks some and then the colors will speak more OR cut the chroma down some and let the values speak more.....the bold colors are competing with the dark values for dominance...just a couple of thoughts to think about.

    Was awesome painting with you earlier this week, my favourite part too! Brian

  2. Thanks for the help, Coach. I will consider and let you know. I think I will let it sit around a while before I do anything.