Thursday, July 23, 2009


Back from Boone, had a wonderful time there seeing all my dear American friends again. Introduced my new painting method and folks really took to it. This is a little 16x20" acrylic painting done as a demo there. This one sold at the workshop. Comments welcomed as always. Brian


  1. This painting reminds me of Paul Blaine Henrie. One of my favorite artists. Good job Brian!

  2. Glad to see you back Brian! and nice to hear you had a great time. Another great little painting...hope you'll share your new painting method with us too. You know I'll be there to try it out!!! Sharka

  3. Thanks Ralph and Sharka for your comments on this one. Brian

  4. Thank you does not begin to say..., Coach Simons.
    An amazing 4 days of painting, fellowship and fun. After - hours studio painting was most special.
    Best Always, Steven

  5. Thanks Ralph and Sharka for your comments on this one.

    Steve, yes, it was awesome for me too and so good to see you and all the other dear friends, very moving for me wishes and happy painting,