Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Economy Class - Chubby Art by Alison Galvan

Economy Class has newspaper armature, is sculpted using Sculptamold, a paper & Gypsum compound, & painted with Acrylics on a 36x48 wood panel.

Inspired by my own experiences of airplane travel and the multitudinous stories that appear on the internet of other peoples trials and tribulations. Air travel in todays world is just one of those things that you must have a sense of humour about because invariably you are in situations that if you don't laugh, you will break down and cry, commit hari kari, and be on news at 11. I chose to laugh myself (and paint humourous paintings to poke fun at the whole insane situation!)


  1. Hi Alison, great you decided to post here. Your work is a wonderful, humorous and inspiring addition to the blog! This piece is so fun and humorous, I love the color, the 3d sculpted effect and the concept. I think everyone can relate to this piece in their own way. Very fun and alive!!!

  2. Hahaha! Love the hair on the child in the top right.