Thursday, September 30, 2010

Santa Rita Dusk 6'x3' - Finally finished

I finally finished this commission, i may have posted it at an earlier stage, dont remember,i started this in the spring for a client here in Tubac, They went back up north and have recently returned for the winter. I  set it aside for a while ,there were some things i had to resolve, This was tricky because i had to try and capture the dusk light coming from behind the viewer and also the cooler
light from the moon and sky.  I will call this one done as i think i have what i want now
comments welcome


  1. Boy, Dave, they gotta love this one, she's terrific. Yes, I can see how the cool warm light issue could have been problematic, but looks like you have things resolved. A wonderful piece, wonder what size???

  2. Thanks Brian, this one is six ft. x three ft., glad you like it