Saturday, January 08, 2011

Morning Sun at Arches National Park

acrylic on canvas board, 12x16

Spectacular shadows and highlights in this view of Arches National Park - I hope I did it justice. Tried to keep it more abstract. - Chris


  1. Chris , this is awesome! Wonderful capture of the light through the the grayed greens too! Very exciting piece here! Brian

  2. Great foreground. One comment, feel free to disregard, is that the light in the hole in the arch seems a bit too light? Lighter than the sky?

  3. Thanks Audrey. It's true that the light is very bright. I probably should have made the sky brighter. In the original photo, it was a very clear day and the sky was really overexposed. I made it bluer in the painting, but didn't think of the contract with the arch.