Monday, March 21, 2011

Buckeye Lake

I have tried several different methods for painting, but I always come back to Brian's seven step method. It is what works best for me. Here is one I did of Buckeye Lake in Ohio. I would like some feedback as to what else I might need to do for this one, like maybe some thicker paint. Thanks for any tips.


  1. This is lovely, Neveah, love the colors and simplicity of this....! The does look a bit thin, almost like a watercolor! Muster up your courage and let her rip!!!!!!!

    PS....nice to see you posting here!!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Brian! Wonder why it is so scary to lay that thick paint on there? Okay, I will add some paint and repost. Thanks again for the feedback.

  3. Neveah, I would leave this one, its lovely, and try another with thicker paint!

  4. Oops...too late, Brian.. I did add some thicker paint to this one in the sky and the water. I'll post it, too.