Thursday, November 16, 2006

Robert Genn's Painter's Keys Twice-Weekly Newsletter

I love Robert Genn's work and his marvellous Painter's Keys Twice-Weekly Newsletter. I'm sure many of you already subscribe (it's free, i might add), but if you haven't heard of it you really should take a look. Make sure you check out the "Clickbacks" (the discussions on the essay's). It’s something i greatly look forward to.

And the reason why i'm posting this here, is that i thought it might possibly be fodder for discussion here on Brian's blog. :-)

Here's the link:


the community

P.S. to Brian. I don't know if you're even interested in this at all, but if you are, is there any way to post this link permanently onto the sidebar?

~ Amber ~ the slightly less reclusive one ~

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