Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow in November

Hello everyone,

To everyone in southern BC, I hope you all made it through the wind, rain & snow storms okay! I have been looking forward to the snow this year hoping for some new paintings. Got pretty jucied up with all the beautiful snow scenes. This is my latest.


  1. Jeffrey,

    Your snow is incredibly beautiful...I get chills from the snow while the sunlight you created really dances across the snow...very appealing. Thanks,

  2. I seem to be attracted to snow scenes and this one is particularly beautiful!

    I'll be glad when the real snow is gone though. Sure it's gorgeous to look at, but if i wanted to be snowed in, i would have stayed in Ontario! :-)

    My pipes are frozen and broken in over a dozen places and now it looks like i'm going to be without water permanently (well, at least until the summer when we can move into the house we're building next to the broken, ancient little cottage we're living in now).

    Unless Red Green was right and duct tape will solve all my problems! ;-) Arrrg.

    Anyway, yeah - i love this painting - it really captures the beauty of snow.

    ~ Amber ~

  3. Thanks for the comments!!

    Sorry to hear of your snow/cold troubles Amber. It will be warm again soon!


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!