Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday mornings I paint with a group called Riverside Painters. We meet at the University of Westen Australia Rowing club to painr plein air around the river. No coordinator, teacher, committee, just painting with a collegiate review of our work afterwards. Today, the weather was very stormy so we painted indoors

This ala prima still life, "Flowers and Lemons" acrylic painting on 9"x12" (23x30cm) canvas sheet was completed in around 2 hrs. I had fun and think I achieved my aim. "colourful, joyful and dramatic"

I wonder how it would translate into a larger sized studio version


  1. Awesome painting Bob! Very strong and the colours are just vibrating! Wow!

  2. Hey Bob, good one. Looks like the stormy weather paid off big time. If you do a large studio piece of it I hope you post it so we can have a look!