Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last Light

This is another in a series I have been doing of a spot close to where I live. Trying to show that light just before dusk. The more I do the bigger the area seems to get. Chosing varied angles makes the scene new all over again.
Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30.



  1. Hi Jeffery, thanks for the comments about the painting at the top. It's a 30x40" painting, acrylic.
    I like your new one here. You've developed a lovely, poetic rythm in your painting. Very Nice

  2. Jeffrey,
    I need help. I tend to want to overblend acrylic and I end up with a mess. Have you used much blending in Last Light? Any advice, please!!
    I was trained in oils and I'm having a hard time retraining my brain to accept the fast drying time of acrylic. Do you use any medium to help?

  3. Hi Mona,

    Just water. Sometimes, depending on humidity etc., I have found that acrylics can stay wet long enough to do some minor blending like with oils. An example on Last Light would be the beach logs. But really it is blending with acrylics which as you know means fast.

    I'm sure you will over time be able to make the transition if you forget your work with oil when you are painting with acrylics. Keep your palette wet with a spray bottle and have a nice wet cloth always at the ready.

    So far, I have found, that it is all about learning how much or how little water to use in the paint for the effect I am hoping for.

    But what ever you do paint, paint paint.


    ps: have you been able to take one of Brian's workshops?

  4. Hi Jeffrey - I really like this one - the atmosphere and lighting are just right!