Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spring in the Woods

Hi everyone,

This is one I did quite awhile ago and I am hoping to get some serious critiques on it. The subject is the primordial forest undergrowth as it bursts forth in spring. The leaves on the trees are starting to unfurl. The twisted salmon berry bushes, skunk cabbage, ferns and moss all growing in the spongy edge between bog marsh and the forest slopes.

To date this painting hasn't generated much positive response. (Go figure, eh)!

I'm open for it all, so bring it on people!!



  1. Just a thought Jeffery, there doesn't seen to be anywhere in the painting the eye can rest?

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    After much consideration and pondering of your painting I have a couple of theories; perhaps some of it's viewers subconsciously associate the wildness of forest bog with the fragrance of skunk cabbage or, (more likely), the painting hasn't been placed in front of the right person yet!


  3. Thanks Brian and Linny for your thoughts. I hope to get some more thoughts on this from others as well.

    I appreciate you sharing your opinons.