Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Stock 8"x8"

Hi Brian, thanks for the help with the blog. Here is my first post! I had great fun painting these onions and also some pears. I couldn't seem to get the highlight on the red onion very good. First I used pinky white and when I looked at it all I could hear was "Chalk"!


  1. The photo of this painting is not so good, the color is more along the lines of the Fall Pear picture. I have lots to learn about photography too!

  2. This is just awesome Sandra! Your right, we certainly don't want any "chalk", try a warm white by adding yellow ochre or a warm colour , but don't go white. This is beautiful and I can tell the painting was almost finsihed at the value study. Great job and welcome aboard! Brian

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Both of your paintings are such wonderfully warm compostions and your onions just glow!


  4. Thanks Linny, I painted my pears about the same time you put yours on and I really enjoyed seeing yours. sk