Saturday, October 17, 2009


Done today, 24x30" acrylic/canvas. Comments welcomed. Brian


  1. I've been away for a few days ,happy birthday Brian, This is a beautiful painting ,love how the walking bridge leads you into this painting, awesome

  2. I've been away for a few days,...
    (I was in Montréal),happy birthday Brian!!X I really love this painting!This light blue till deeper blue, and yellow till orange.WOW!
    Could be almost abstraction.!
    Yes absolutly awesome (I look in the dict. for this word...) I would like to see it for real.30/24it is magnificent!!
    Happy Birthday David (you are twin isn't it?)

  3. Another look. Everything is beautiful but I love the lower part; red/orange, a bit green and deep blue with trees reflected. it's taking its place contrasting with the rest of the painting. the blue becoming lilac in the light softens my brain... and we find this lilac in the opposite to counterbalance. WOW!