Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stranded 24x30

I wanted to try another nocturne subject, i used a few photos to \
put this one together
thanks for looking


  1. Took my breath away!
    This is a painting that I could fall into. Excellant!
    Colleen B.

  2. Wow, another great one Dave, a bit darker but wonderful nonetheless. Awesome!

  3. Thanks Brian ,yes its darker but its a more tragic situation,lol.

  4. Hi Dave, for my part, I prefer this one. This painting talks a lot... by its silence. It's full of discretion.No flash. the smallness and the immense.the finish and the infinity. the dark sky doesn't dazzle but makes us think. the human things seem to be abandoned.Something could have been happened abruptly. At fist, I look at the comp. finally I think it is o.k 'cause the immense takes place.Are you more satisfied with this one?

  5. thank you Christianne, i dont know which one i prefer ,i have different feelings for both,but i appreciate your comments thanks so much