Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winter Night-Monument Valley 24x30

This is one i just finished ,
I only had photos taken in daylight as reference so i
have basically invented this one,
Thanks for looking


  1. It's amazing!! how do you do to make a painting a day steadily?
    You paint all day? no child? or you paint very fast! I'm just envious!! haha!!
    I like particularly the sand. Bye.

  2. Thanks Christinae, im a custom home builder, so im up early and usually finish work by 1 or 2 in the afternoon,i shower,have lunch and usually paint every afternoon,also i work very fast ,alot of times im sending faxes and talking on the phone while painting,my studio is also where all my files,computer and office is. Thanks

  3. A real beauty Dave, so exciting, love the shooting star!

  4. Another look, just sublime Dave! I love it!

  5. oh Thanks so much Brian thats so encouraging

  6. Another look, wow, this stands out in my mind as probably the most thrilling painting you've done, has almost a divine quality, exquisite light and mood..don't mean to go on and on, but this one deserves my highest praise! Well done Dave

  7. gosh thanks bro,thanks so much, i really wanted to capture a sense of wonder here and mystery ,it was mostly done from my head, i may do more from my imagination,this was a first,the ref photo looks completely different

  8. When we take a distance from the photo and we put a special sense, it becomes a creative act. Exciting. This subject is more spectacular but I see the sense of wonder in your fisherman as well. the sense of great in small things as well as in your sardines'box.
    You're challenging yourself. very good!