Sunday, November 15, 2009


Done this evening, wanted to try an oil, its been 6 mos. or more since the last one. Painted from a photo. 16x20" oil/canvas...comments welcomed. Brian


  1. very nice Brian did you enjoy the oils, you work with greens so masterfully

  2. yeah Dave, I enjoy them but not a confident with them as I am with acrylics. Cheers

  3. Hey Brian, not too bad haha!!
    I thought myself to try oil again
    for the "fondu" (melt effect).
    It's a different way to draw and to work. You should do few to tame it again.It doesn't dry so fast; sometimes we like sometimes we don't. Here colors aren't so fresh as with your acrylic because of that. true, your greens are very nice. Bye.