Friday, November 20, 2009

Sorry I've been away from the blog for so long. I was painting--but was mostly working on a show that got pretty boring. I'm back to painting what I want. This top one is 30x30" acrylic.

This one is 24x30" acrylic. I had lots of fun with splatters, oozes, and drips but you can't see great in these small pictures.

This is a 24x30" acrylic. It's too safe. I might go into it again.


  1. I don't know you Elliot but I like your colors.
    I especially love your "three trees", "in the wood", " coffee and paper" and "kilts".very good!

  2. These are great Elliot, the 2nd one must be awesome in real life, so juicy and fun.I really like the flowers on the chair too, love the light blue color behind the the chair, makes things work beautifully. This is very rich in color. I like the last painting too with the shadows and suggested detail in the buildings. To me, it feels like it needs something though, maybe some darker colors in the sky of a few vertical poles , trees or something. Just seems the sky is separate from the rest of the painting, maybe bring a bit of sky color down into the houses. A nice painting, though, and I'm sure if you just 'read' it for a while it will tell you what's missing. Just a few thoughts Elliot. Great work here and I'm happy to see you back. Hope you, Joanna, Page, Steve and everyone are well! Brian

  3. Thanks Christiane and thanks Brian. Those thoughts on the last one are very helpful--I'll def give it a shot!

  4. very nice work Elliot,i especially like the second one, such lovely color