Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vinette of Paris 12x16

Ive been to Pairs many times and ive painted the sunset from this
pedestrian bridge,thanks for your commments


  1. This is awesome, Dave love the warm and cool colors. The Paris scenes are a lot of fun aren't they?

  2. Hi Dave, is it le Pont des Arts?
    I love everything except I should say, you probably tell me,it is on the picture..., except this triangle under the bridge.too precise. may be if the outline was less precise? Everything is mooving ( soft? fuzzy?) except this triangle. it is more precise than the bridge in front. It doesn't mean I don't like the rest of it hey. For my part I don't do anything good these days. Bye.

  3. May be it is just because this triangle is a smooth surface compared to the other things or,
    may be because the top of the triangle is just under the bridge. there something bothering me...
    what do you think of that.
    Just a thought!

  4. Thanks Brian and Christiane, i think
    your right Christiane, i appreciate your comments