Thursday, July 01, 2010

The pond

                                                    The pond ( life is coming back )
                                                              acrylic 48''/14''


  1. A fun painting Christiane, I like the pattern and strong design elements in this. Brian

  2. I love this one Christiane! Your pallet often makes me think of reflections of water in glass, so it seems perfectly suited to this "pond" painting. It's awesome how you have so much going on with the pattern but it's so clearly fish in water. Great painting!

  3. Thank you Brian and Elliot.
    Elliot, that's may be why I loved so much YOUR glasses. specially the white one. You say, my pallet makes you often think of reflections of water in glass? you mean, usely or in those lastly posted? I just try to understand the effect you talk about.

  4. Definitely in these latest ones Christiane and probably to some degree in all of them. Maybe it's that your pallet seems to tend more toward cooler colors and lighter values.