Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amber Hope's Martha Washingtons

This is about the only painting that i have done that i think i can post (i painted it in the summer). Lately i've been painting what some people might call "No-Brainer-Feel-Good" stuff in a simple folk-arty style - my user pic is a sample of that.

Now this one that i'm posting was quick and small (only 5x7 and painted with acrylics) but i think it's my favourite one i've done. Just thought i'd share at least SOMEthing! :-)

Sorry, i don't have a scanner, so there is a touch of glare on the upper left corner of the pic. Oh, and i plan on possibly changing the name to a red colour so it doesn't stand out so horrendously.


  1. Very nice work, You must have been happy and excited while painting this piece, It shows

  2. Painted in the last minutes of a workshop where i got to be totally immersed in art and colour with other artists for 5 full days and nights. I think you may be right. :-)

  3. Hi Amber, the is a wonderful painting, so full of colour and life,..I love the treatment of the flowers.

  4. Thanks Brian. :-)

    You know, i'm still afraid to work big - the sizes i use the most is 5x7 or 6x6. 8x10 is starting to get big. :-P

    I should take your class again to force myself to use the 30x30 canvas. Hmm. Maybe next spring/summer when my son is back home from one of his Navy tours (and in his apartment in Victoria). We'll see.

    In the meantime, thanks for this forum. It's nice to see what people are doing!

  5. Hi Amber! This is beautiful. I also absolutely love "Trying to Relax." Both very happy paintings. Great work! :) marianne

  6. Marianne! How have you been doing since our class? Thank you so much for the kind words.

    Have you or Frazer been painting at all? I'd love to see what you've been doing if you have! If not, it's totally understandable. It took me all this time to finally get a space available to paint in. And STILL i procrastinate. *sigh* :-)

    Anyway, so nice to hear from you!


  7. Hi Amber
    I like
    "Amber Hope's Martha Washingtons" and thanks for the comments on my "Poppies at the Back Door"