Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hi Brian,

Well it looks like the blog is up and running with lots of interesting comments and pics. I'm posting an image of the painting I had in the Sidney Fine Arts last weekend.

I now have several paintings in the Morris Gallery on Burnside and Alpha. Of course I'm pretty excited!

I can see that you have been very busy creating wonderful new work.



  1. What a beautiful painting! I love the colours. It's funny how red is usually considered a vibrant colour, but here, even though there's lots of red, i find this painting so restful. :-) Maybe it's the sky and the golden tones it washes over the scene.

    Congratulations on the galleries! And your other paintings are lovely too. I really like the colours you use - sort of muted? No, that's not the word . . . Anyway - very nice!


  2. Lovely, Jeff, love the mood in this one! Visited your site and the gallery. Very impressive body of exciting work Jeff. Loved Linny's "Chinatown" too! Brian

  3. I like this painting because the subdued light has toned down all the earth tones and its the harmony i feel that makes this painting work.Nice job