Monday, October 02, 2006


Here is another small painting, this time an acrylic I did when I was visiting a native village called Kingcome Inlet on a fijord up the BC coastline in August. It's a small 9x12 sketch of part of the village. The is another oil sketch of the village on the homepage of my website:


  1. Hi Brian,

    I was just wondering why you are calling this a sketch, when it looks remarkably like one of your beautiful finished paintings to me.

    Is is because it's smaller than your usual 30x30?

  2. Powerful stuff, Brian! This blog is an inspiration.

  3. Thanks Amber, I call it a sketch because it's just a quick little painting that happened very quickly. You could also call it a finished painting if you prefer, but it was done in 1/2 hr or so. Warm Regards Brian

  4. Brian...I love you little sketch (ha,ha)...I long for the day when I can create something that awesome in a half an hour. Will you recreate it onto a larger canvas?


  5. I doubt, I'll be doing it on a larger canvas Mona! I have a short attention span and very rarely paint the same thing twice. Thanks for joining the blog and for your comments. Brian Simons