Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all,

This year I am looking forward to advancing my art and learning more. There is so much to learn and absorbe and the journey is what excites me the most, (though selling a painting now and then is sure a high)!

I have made more painting en plein air one of my many goals for 2007. However creating a body of work will continue to keep me busy I'm sure.

Looking forward to veiwing more new works from everyone and wishing you all much success in 2007.

How are all of you photographing your work and are you happy with the results? My process tends to give inconsistant results. Certain colours tend to be more difficult than others, blue seems to overpower the results at times. I am using a digital indoors with natural light on overcast days. It often works well but is inconsistant.

I welcome any suggestions.

all the best in 2007,



  1. Hey Jeffery, Nice painting, love the rythm of the trees