Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birch Trees at Sunset

Hi, I attended Brian's workshop - fabulous weekend - back in June and this is my third painting, but my first time posting to the blog. This is an acrylic on 24x30 canvas. I'm still learning the process, but am happy with the results so far. The photo shows a little more yellow tone than the painting really has . Comments are welcomed. Thanks Sharka


  1. Hi Sharka, welcome to the blog! I like the feel of this painting, beautiful design qualities and somewhat abstract. I'm glad the original doesn't have so much yellow as it's a bit strong. You probably took the photo under incandescent light? I also like the movement of brush strokes throughout the paintings. Welcome aboard!

  2. Thank you Brian! There is very little yellow in the painting. I have halogen lighting in my room and along with that, my walls are yellow, so maybe the two together made the painting on the yellow side. I varnished it this morning (looks even better) and once the signature is on and varnished, that's my way of "not touching it" and leaving at Stage 7!!! Can't wait to start to the next one...