Tuesday, July 01, 2008


'Devil's Saddle' by Sophia

40 x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas

This is one of my first paintings using Brian's method. (Thanks Brian!) Worked a treat I think as I'm completely happy with what was created. I've never painted seascape before so I was a touch nervous until I let it go and fell into a flow. I loved the photo I used as a reference so painting it came easy. I'd appreciate your views on my 'funscape'. Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow! that is a really beautiful painting Sophia! It has a good feeling to it. Sort of like a Robert Genn painting.

    The only trap you have to watch out for now is not to feel you have to produce a masterpiece every time you paint. Let it be and it will come. Good going!

  2. Hi Sophia, thanks for joining the blog! This is lovely, clean and elegant. I like how quiet everything is with the only activity in the waves. Gorgeous colors too! Welcome! Brian

  3. Welcome Sophia! Nice to have you aboard. When scrolling down I notice a new painter right away. This almost looks like a silkscreen to me. Very graphic. I like it. Julie

  4. Aaah don't you'll have me in tears!

    Thank you all for your comments they are both inspiring and very much appreciated.

    Ralph: I'll keep an eye on that trap, I'm itching to start something else but trust me there's nooooo pressure.

    I'll be blogging!