Sunday, July 27, 2008

old city..Lahore.

Oil on canvas 17.5x24. finished this today
from a photo of an old street in the city
Lahore. Was not too sure about adding
the man.
love some feedback. thanks.


  1. Hi Asma,I think the man in the painting adds some drama and is fine.
    The 2nd & 3rd floor of the red building looks unfinished...maybe that's the underpainting, but looks out of place a bit. I would cool off that color a bit. I like the bottom half of the painting. Nice colors and grey/greens. Brian

  2. Hi Asma, Love the colors in this painting! The figure entering on the lower right really brings my eyes into the picture. If you decide to finish up a little more on the top will you post it again? I would like to see more of it. Dixy

  3. thanks Brian and Dixy!. thanks for the helpful feedback. ok will try to work more on the painting today and post it back.