Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hi All,
This is my first time ever for blogging and my first painting using Brian's methods - hope I am doing alright on both counts.
It took me waaay too long to finish this, mostly because I had to stop to deal with on-going issues of post K here in New Orleans ... then my inner critic had a field day and then I lost the values. In other words, I got stuck. Thanks to Brian for his generous encouragement and advice, I reestablished some priorities and moved forward and have since done two more pictures.
Would love some advice and suggestions. Dixy


  1. Hi Dixy! Nice little painting here and welcome to the blog. A couple of issues though:
    1)the street leads right down dead center of the painting and breaks the painting in half. May have been better a little to the right or left.
    2)the ity-bity brushstrokes denoting leaves on the trees speak of timidity and lack of courage. I would have preferred bolder, looser brushstrokes.
    Otherwise, the painting looks great and the figures work really well. Warm Regards, Brian

  2. chirpy, happening painting. I enjoyed the variations of people, and trees. asma

  3. Thanks Brian and Asma. Brian, I see what you mean about the itty-bitty brush strokes and the centering. Learning when to stop is a challenge. Dixy