Tuesday, June 02, 2009

another one 12x20 oil/board. it was sizzling hot here midst of summer!


  1. Great colors in this one too and I like all the thick paint. This tree seems to be pointing to the left with the trunk on the right side and the bulk of the tree facing left. The other painting faces right and has a good feel to it. This one seems a bit awkward with the left side movement. Not sure why but paintings that move to the right have more eye appeal. Maybe someone on the blog understands this better than I do.
    Aside from that, again I love the colors and loose paint in this. Brian

  2. Thanks Brian, I think my difficulty
    and struggle to quickly get the image down in the heat didnt give me enough time to execute the drawing well. I took away some of the branches feeling it was overpowering the canvas. probably was wrong there.

  3. I won't comment on this one Asma!

    I don't want you to go in a depression for the next month or so.