Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey Guys!! Wow Lot's of new posts since I looked last, I look forward to commenting. This is my latest. I wanted to spend some time with a peice and see how that felt. It was an interesting process. Haven't painted like this since the workshop a year and a half ago. The values were all really similar.Was fun, think I will do a similar one again. 4'X6" Oil


  1. i like the order in the chaos, nice abstract quality too

  2. Hi Julie Mai! Missed you dearly!
    I really mean it.

    Great painting! sort of looks like my hair when I get up in the morning whatever is left of it.

  3. Nice job Julie, lots for the eye to enjoy in this one! Brian

  4. Thanks guys,

    Dave; I'm glad you see some order, as it was difficult to glean that out of the chaos.
    Ralph, Ralph ,Ralph: Where have you been? Some nice work you are doing lately. I can tell you have been studying. Ya it is a bad hair day for this tree.
    Brian:I thought this might be a bit too "branches" for you. I kept it as loose as I dare go.

  5. Thank you Julie Mai! Im trying. It's more fun paintig when you are out of the way.

    I have to watch my comments. I don't want to pussyfoot around and suger coat, but on the other hand I don't want to joke around to the point of seeming rude.

    You have great potential as a artist Julie Mai!

    Just find something interesting, exciting or beautifully moving to paint.