Monday, June 08, 2009

Algonquin Park Ontario

20x30" Acrylic on canvas.
Landscapes Of Canada series #6

Posted especially for you Brian, because I know you love the paintings of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.


  1. Hey Ralph, funny, I was thinking about you yesterday and thinking maybe he'll come back to the blog! Anyways, nice to see you here again Ralph and thanks for posting this.
    This is very dramatic and exciting Ralph, great colors, comp and feel to this. I love the greens in the sky and wonderful light. You can almost feel the wind in this one. One of my favorites of your Ralph! Brian

  2. Beautiful painting! The colors are fantastic :)

    Reminds me of something.

  3. Thank you Brian and Siret!
    Lovely painting Siret!

  4. (just to make it clear - it is his.)