Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I set up a still life and did the little 16x20" below. I really liked the tangerines, but didn't like the composition. I painted it again on a 24x24" above. This time I liked the composition better but the fruit just isn't as painterly. Ohh well.


  1. Hi Elliot, nice to see you back here. I like this a lot, the colors are great. I think the pinky mish-mash on the left is a bit distracting though. I might have let the white container come all the way to the edge or done something a bit different on the left. Tangerines are right on!!!

  2. The comp works much better on the top one Elliot, you need just a bit of sparkle in those tangerines. Your doing nice work here and I love the warm palette!

  3. Well, for my part I prefer a lot the first one. colors, freshness, the clear red and even the pink mish-mash making spontaneous, even the size of the painting.More life.
    the one on top is too square to me, too "good child". I feel enclosed.
    very interesting!