Friday, December 04, 2009

This is an 18x18" acrylic. It was sort of a one-stroke exercise like you've had us try Brian. I did it in about 45 mins and had a lot of fun. I gotta give a shout out to Steven who did an awesome painting of his own Ecco boots a few years back. As always, I love any C&C.


  1. Man, this is expressive Elliot! Love all the great brushwork and how things are just suggested. Also love the turquoise and purple in the shadows. Looks like a red underpainting but most likely, burnt sienna?
    Anyway, great job here Elliot, good for you for putting the squeeze on the clock! Brian

  2. Thanks Brian. Underpainting is quin-burnt-orange. Steven turned me on to it. The cool thing is that I didn't try to limit my time... I just find that I'm working a lot faster these days. Faster, looser, more paint = more fun and better paintings!

  3. That's great Elliot! Quin-burnt orange is nice, another real nice one I've been using is transparent gold. Not sure if you can get it down there. Anyways, happy to see you painting Elliot!