Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Autumn Barn

This is a 12 x 16 acrylic I just finished. Thanks for looking, Brett


  1. Beautiful color and mood here Brett!
    The windows look a bit washed out and maybe a bit of darker color next to the green would help. Also the line of the ground under the barn seems a bit too flat. I would make it roll a bit more and this would help the barn to settle in even more.
    A few minor details to an otherwise exciting painting. Love your tree! Brian

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, Brian. I think the sun overhead, when I was taking the photo, made the barn and the windows seem much lighter than they actually are in the painting, so it made the windows appear washed out. But I will add some darker color next to the green.

    I think you are right about making the line of the ground more rolling, even though in the photo the line is flat. A rolling line is more interesting to the eye.

  3. Yeah Brett, nice composition! Picking up on Brian's comments, I think a little "keying up" of the darks in general woud make it pop. Your trees look great by the way.

  4. Hi Brett, I like it. You've had some good advice already. I always like strong value contrast so I would agree with Elliot's comments to "key-up" the lights and darks. Good for you.

  5. Hi Brett,
    I read Brian's comments (which I agree with) and your reply. The very front of the barn looks like there is no ground under it. Also if you will refer to #3 of Brians "what not to do" list you might want to make changes in your foreground. I think it looks a bit too "tippy tappy".
    Photographs are tricky. They have flaws that do not translate to being painted. I am sure that is one of the reasons Brian insists that step one is the most important step. Steven stresses this to me too.

  6. Thank you, Page and Elliot, for your helpful comments. I agree that the foreground looks like a used a bingo dobber and looks tippy-tappy. I was not entirely happy with it, but I wanted to convey the color variation of the leaves on the ground. I have extended the lines of the colors so that they don't look like polka dots or little dabs of paint. I think now it looks more like the wind is blowing through the leaves and gives the impression of the various colors without looking like I was trying to paint individual leaves.

    As Elliot suggested, I have keyed up the darks, especially the barn, which should have been a darker value in the first place. I certainly need to spend more time in the first step and study the painting and curb my impatience to begin painting!