Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello to all, I too am a newby from Brian’s latest workshop, and since Astri has already done the plug all I can say is my heart felt gratitude toward Brian’s teaching will be with me for some time to come. Thank you Brian!
I’ve checked out the site and I really seem to respond to Elliot’s work. I also love Brian’s RR#2 painting, it’s stunning. Funny I went out and took pictures, and I shot telephone poles, which are numerous, along the railroad tracks by my house. One of many "still to paint" on my favorites list.
In the meantime here is my latest. A little tighter than I usually go. Feels a little “muddy” to me. I’ll live with it for a few days and see if I pick it up again. I said in the work shop that I wish I had you in my back pocket Brian…….now that I’m home…more than ever.


  1. This is terrific Julie, at first glance I thought it was one of Davids (my twin brother who's been painting for many years.) I love it, don't know if it needs anything, looks pretty exciting as it is, lovely design and composition and quite painterly. Brian

  2. Funny, I thought it was maybe one of Dave's as well... soft tones. I like this a lot. Composition is really, really intersting to me.

  3. tee heeee - a new born Painter! Julie, this is so delicate and 'clean' in its lines, it's different than the ones I saw you paint during the workshop on Quadra but more like your 'signature' that hovers within your interior design: clean, elegantly simple, delicate tonalities... Good going girl! This is so exciting, following your development!