Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Curious cat

Recent painting of my cat looking from behind his portrait, which really happened. Sorry for the bad image. 11x14 oil. Thanks for looking.


  1. Carolyn , that's just lovely , subtle and exciting all at the same time. Those reds make the whole painting for me. Love how the red on the canvas is a bit lost in the red background. Great composition too! Thanks for posting this wonderful painting. Brian

  2. Lots of fun here. Brian pointed out the red-on-red. The white of the tail wrapping around to the pallet is also great. Nice light too. My cat likes to "paint" with me as well. He'll stand behind the canvas and swat from behind as I'm laying the brush down.

  3. Very sweet painting and lots of character. It seems you've managed to capture a movement an instant. thats lovely.