Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Hi Brian and everyone on the forum.
Cheers from Western Australia
A while since I have posted here

Oils on 12"x16" canvas stretcher
This is an ala prima painting from life. Completed to this stage in about 2.5 hrs may have a little touching up to do from memory. C&C Welcome
Bob Abrahams


  1. Hi Elliot, wow I can see you have been busy and with Still lifes, bravo! love them with their vibrant colors. You could add some
    detail if you like, it would make the image more life like [in my opinion]. I felt that with my still lifes, with a finer brush specially. all the best.

  2. Hi Asma
    Thanks for your interesting comments. I am not trying to make my paintings detailed and life like. I am an impressionist

    By the way I am Bob not Elliot

  3. Oh dear... apologies. Forgive me for my mistake, and thankyou for your kind feedback. I have'nt seen your work, this is the first time, i mistook it for Elliot. apologies once again.

  4. Hi Bob, what color here, very vibrant and alive Bob, Lovely!! Nice to see you back here! Hope all is well with you! Brian

  5. Hi Bob
    I love your painting. I really want to be able to paint like this but I havn't gotten there yet. Was this painted from life or a photo?
    I hope to see more of yous soon!

  6. Page
    Thank for the comments
    It was paintes ala prima from life over 2.5 hrs

  7. Nice, lively strokes Bob. It's great to see you on the blog.

  8. I really love your vibrant colours!

  9. Nice work Bob, very painterly