Friday, May 15, 2009

White teapot.

another small one 18x13. oil/canvas.


  1. I really love how you handled the fabric here Asma--it's absolutely gorgeous! The rest seems a bit dull and tentative to me. The painting below of the watermelons seems a bit dull as well. I'd love to see you bring the energy of some of your dramatic skies or that wonderful cityscape with the geometric buildings and shadows, or the figure with that blue robe to these still lifes. I think more variation and pop in the background of this one with some bigger brushtrokes and then a keying up of the flowers and leaves with thicker paint and stronger value contrast would be a fantastic complement to your fabric which, to me is just really amazing.

  2. What a wonderful job on the fabric and teapot here Asma. Gorgeous! Brian

  3. Thankyou Elliot, and Brian. I so appreciate the feedback