Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hi Brian, I like it, Color-Color-Color-woohoo! All the latest posts are wonderful and great. Everyone's paintings are great, inspiring and such enjoyment to look at. Julie your paintings hit home b/c I'm from North Van so I drive over the burrard street bridge, along the seawall, walk along coal harbour...very nice!

My blogger account is giving me some issues; I have to create a new acct to post a new post and it will not let me leave comments on each of the paintings/posts without major errors, hmmmm? I think I'll have to have someone who knows more about cmputers and all this stuff look at it. that's why for the comment post...hoping to get another painting finished tomorrow, it's the Ritz Carleton Man...Sharka


  1. Hi Sharka, I'll try sending you another invite from Blogger, so maybe try signing up again when you get it and see how that works. Brian

  2. Which Ritz are you at? For what it's worth i often have gliches with the Blog. look forward to your painting!