Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 pears in a blue plate

acrylic on canvas - 12"/10"

It relax me to paint natures mortes. It changes me from
other paintings harder  to do for me.  It is fun to do.
I like to paint something and have or give and impression
of something else. Like here, for me it is birds flight.
you are free to agree or not... it's a game !


  1. Very free and loose. Love the colors. Yeah, I can see the birds in flight. Good stuff.

  2. Love how you painted the pears.

  3. Bright and cheery painting Christiane, love the colors and looseness here! I think the signature is way too large, but I know you like that....very fun piece!

  4. Many thanks to all of you folks!!
    And a special thanks to Brian to accept my way of thinking about my signature... :)
    I'm glad you see the birds in flight Elliot. hihihi!!