Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pastry Chef 16x20

This is a commission that may hang on the wall in the Tubac
Deli, the chef is my friend Mike ,i need to finish the hands
and see if im done ,may tweek it a little after that
comments welcome


  1. You are achieving a wonderful realism in these portraits Dave, Wonderful! I'm sure your friend will be so delighted with this!!!

  2. Oh thank you Brian,im trying to be very controlled and accurate in the center of interest and combine it with some loose brushwork it the other areas, appreciate your thoughts

  3. Very hard to comment without the photo Dave, maybe have a look at the beard again. Love it!

  4. Wow, very good Dave. I like it a lot. the artist's workshop! It gives the taste to talk to Mike and buy him a bread. colors, comp. and the atmosphere I love it.!!!

  5. Yeah, I like the balance of greater detail in the figure and more loose in the rest. I love the look of the t-shirt.

  6. Thank you everyone for all your
    kind comments